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JDB夺宝平台 University news

Successful manufacture of JDB夺宝平台’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine candidate

The first Australian COVID-19 mRNA vaccine candidate, developed by the JDB夺宝平台 Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS), has moved a step closer with production reaching a significant development milestone.

University news 30 November 2021

Support for those affected by Afghan crisis

JDB夺宝平台 University news

JDB夺宝平台 University offers its support to students, 工作人员, alumni and the wider community affected by the extremely concerning crisis unfolding in Afghanistan.

University news 19 August 2021
Jakob Hohwy

Generous contribution helps JDB夺宝平台 open world-first Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies

Thanks to a generous philanthropic grant, JDB夺宝平台 University has developed a first-of-its-kind centre for unprecedented collaboration between philosophy, 神经科学, 医学, education and interfaith dialogue research and studies.

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